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November 13

Must know tips to leasing a copier


  1. Know the purchase price of the machine. Call around and get quotes on the purchase price.
  2. Find out what the lease rate that they’re using. Multiple that rate against the purchase price… that’s your monthly lease.
  3. Be careful and read the fine print in the contracts. Many companies will increase the lease year over year from 10%-15%.
  4. Why are you paying a delivery charge for toner every month? Isn’t that included in the high click rate program that the vendor is charging you?
  5. Consider G2 or certified machines instead of a brand new system. You only want the printed page right, not the machine?
  6. A4 over A3 is the future and you’ll save a TON!

Hope this helps you and removes the MYSTERY from the leasing game.


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