• We provide the best OEM / Aftermarket toner cartridges in the industry that are designed for your desktop laser printers and copiers.

Our levels:

  • OEM Products:
    • Most expensive
    • Produced by HP, Brother, Lexmark, etc.
    • Some products are actually remanufactured but placed in original boxes.
  • Xerox Cartridges:
    • Save 15% from OEM pricing
    • Made for HP, Brother and Lexmark products
    • Original product made by Xerox for other vendors
    • Comes in a Xerox package
    • Comes with 100% Guarantee from Xerox
  • Elite Document Solutions Cartridges (Private Label):
    • Save up to 30% from OEM Pricing
    • Manufactured from the largest supplier in the country
    • Comes in a private labeled box
    • We only use OEM cores
    • Comes with 100% Guarantee
    • Free cleanings with this product